Leopoldo Lares Banorte: An Inspiring Soccer Coach

A coach is an integral part of any sports unit and when it comes to soccer, it is he who can make or break the team. Leopoldo Lares Banorte is a builder of a soccer team who knows how to gather a team from pieces and make them an unmatchable force. He believes in the power of unity and knows that any team can achieve whatever they want if they have that confidence, firm belief and work together as a unit, a family. Leopoldo has different ways of training his team to deal with just any kind of situations and oppositions and he uses scrimmages while practicing to ensure maximum strength in the players.
Leopoldo Lares Banorte is also known for mixing boys and girls and then practicing as it helps the players to know how to deal with different kinds of players while on field. He is also a popular soccer blogger and through his blogging efforts, he made the Japan’s Tsunami relief fund raiser soccer match a great success as by getting inspired through his blog, many celebrity players got ready to play for the noble cause and thus, the event became a great success. He also mentions bits about his family life and mentions how important his three kids are for him in his life as he derives inspiration from them for his professional life as well.
Leopoldo Lares Banorte understand that being a father to his players is important as being strict and reserved coach only increases the problems for the team. He shows immense love and care in dealing with the problems of his players and this friendly bond in the team is what makes a team, a success story.

King Sized Mattress

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